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■ Estimation of energy baseline

□ Adjusted Energy Baseline Estimation Method by Simulation

This research proposes a method of estimating the adjusted energy baseline using simulation models, which can calculate the energy baseline with various conditions, such as conditions of weather, occupancy and equipment operations. Especially, this paper reveals what detailed data the calibration of the model needs and the change of accuracy caused by different calibration data.

Figure-1 Adjusted energy baseline estimation model

 Using the operational data of a middle-scale office building in Osaka Japan, the simulation accuracies of three models, which are calibrated using monthly energy consumptions of whole building (Level 1), monthly energy consumptions of subsystems (Level 2) and the detailed operational data of equipments (Level 3) respectively, are compared. The result shows that the differences of daily-integrated energy consumptions between measured value and simulated value using the model of Level 1 and 2 are not much different. The model of Level 3 is about 3% more accurate than the model of Level 1 and 2.

Figure-2 Subject building

Figure-3 Heat sourse (From left: micro, macro, display)

Figure-4 Scene of measurement
(From left Temp.&humidity of roof, indoor area, out air intake amout)

Figure-5 Automatic measurement