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■ Optimal Operation Schemes for HVAC System with Thermal

□ Optimal operation method for HVAC system with water thermal storage
 based on the predicted heating/cooling load

Recent years, the utilization of nighttime electric power causes much attention as a method to reduce CO2 emission. However some investigation reports reveal that some buildings with water thermal storage systems consume more energy than the buildings without thermal storage. Therefore this research focuses on develop a mehtod to improve the operation of HVAC system with water thermal storage based the predicted heating/cooling load. Using this algorithm, the optimal chilled water outlet temperature is calculated to minimize the energy consumption of whole HVAC systems. This method also considers the affect of load prediction error, dehumidifying capacity decrease caused by high chilled water temperature, and optimization including daytime additional running of ice chiller. Finally this method is implemented in an actual HVAC system to verify how much the energy efficiency can be improved.

Figure-1 Subject building

Figure-2 Image of optimal operation

Figure-3 Diagram of HVAC system with thermal storage tank